Greek PAWS Griechische Pfoten

Greek PAWS

is a  organization of Greek and German animal rights activists who want to provide to strays and abandoned puppies in Patras and the surrounding areas, hope, a chance for a better life and ultimately a forever new home. In Greece, puppies are usually abandoned or are born from strays. Nobody cares whether they live or suffer and die. It is a quite usual situation where a dog is found either severely injured by an accident, or beaten by a human or poisoned.

Animal rights activists try to save as many strays as possible, but the situation of abandoned, neglected, injured or tortured strays is extremely overwhelming, since there is no statutory castration obligation for strays.  This results in a growing misery of the dogs that live as strays.

The dogs that are presented here, have no chance of being adopted in Greece, or even worse, they are under extreme danger of being killed.  So we are looking for adopters, for example in Germany, who want to give our protégés a hope for a brighter and worth-living future.


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