Vor der Vermittlung

The mediation

Every dog ​​has grown dear to its rescuer. Usually they pay for the vet, food and accommodation out of their own pocket. They are very keen to find a good home for every animal. The animal rights activists know the dog very well and describe it in detail, of course there are photos and videos. The contact person in Germany finds out together with the interested party whether the dog suits the interested party, if necessary the interested party can also speak directly to the foster home in Greece.

Although it goes without saying, it is expressly assured at this point:

Only dogs with a current veterinary certificate of positive health leave the country. Every dog ​​is vaccinated, chipped, dewormed, if old enough, also neutered. He is leaving with an EU pet passport.

We do not convey aggressive dogs.

This is how the mediation works:

At the beginning, the interested party fills out a self-assessment form, followed by a preliminary check. If the result is positive, Greek Paws and the future owner conclude a protection contract. The agency fee is € 450 including transport costs.


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